Forex Expert Advisors – Are There Actually Legitimate Trading Systems Out There?

How many times have you come across a new Forex expert advisor that claims to make you overnight riches within the Forex market. These trading systems are being pumped into the industry at excessive levels and unfortunately they have saturated the market and in turn given the automated Forex trading industry an abysmal reputation.

Most of these Forex Expert advisors have computer software they have programmed within their system which they claim will make you money – however the vast majority of them are based on unsound logic which has no chance of working and producing consistent winning trades.

The major issue concerning these phony expert advisors is the fact that most of them will present you with a hypothetical back test as evidence of the systems money making power. These records are basically made up and simulated to fit the creator’s needs and they prove absolutely nothing. The vendor clearly knows all the opening and closing prices, the exact tops and bottoms, and therefore knowing all these facts he is easily able to simulate a dodgy track record to prove his system is making immense profits. Obviously the main problem is that these records are not real and just a tactic to steal your hard earned money.

Most of these systems are released by those extra savvy marketing gurus, who have only one thing on their mind, SELL SELL SELL, and they don’t care if their product works or if it is actually beneficial, they just want to make that sale. Their sites are fairly easy to spot out, as they will have pictures of tons of cash, Ferrari’s, mansions etc. and also don’t forget about that “ever convincing” backtest record. If you come across an expert advisor vendor who has all of the above elements on his site then you should leave the site immediately, it is 99% likely the trading system is a scam.

So forget those get rich quick methods that don’t work and seek out a Forex expert advisor which has a real track record or something worthwhile to teach you so you can devise your own. Legitimate Forex expert advisor will always show you proof of their results, and yes all of them will incur losing trades, there is no trading system out there that doesn’t ever lose, if you have found one then please let me know. However the best expert advisor will consistently produce a lot more winning trades than losing ones and will have a very low drawdown level, in turn assuring you make some decent long term profits off the market.

When searching for a good Forex expert advisor always look for live forward test statements, these tests are conducted in real market conditions with real money, therefore they actually let you know how the EA will perform in real live market conditions. These tests are probably the closest things to letting you know how profitable the expert advisor is and they should be the basis of your selection criteria when looking for a legitimate expert advisor.

If you do manage to find a mechanical Forex trading system with a real track record over a few years, just check the logic, make sure you understand it and can trade it with discipline through losing periods. Make sure it is suited to your risk and money management levels and do your research before making any final decisions. Also ensure that the vendor provides regular ongoing after sales support, so you know you are in good hands and will be looked after shall you encounter any problems.

Just remember most phony vendors will attempt to fraud you out of your money by hoping you fall for their simulated track records, and then one day get wiped out of your trading account. Don’t fall for their trap, shop around and find a real Forex expert advisor vendor, who provides legitimate live forward test statements, and is well recognized in the industry as a legitimate seller.

Link Popularity – Step by Step Guide to Attracting Links Through Social Bookmarking

As an Internet marketer there are step by step guidance you can use to attract inbound links through social bookmarking and networking sites. The more links you have coming to your website and squeeze pages the better the you stand with your niche audience to find you online.

So, how do I do it? How do I use social bookmarking to attract Link popularity?

Follow these steps:

1. Article writing. My top method for creating inbound links is through writing optimized articles which I send it to the top article directories online. You must know what keywords your target market is using to search for information online by using a tool such as the Google keyword tool. Once you have a list of 10 to 20 specific keywords and phrases you are ready to write your targeted articles. The more you can relay your article content to solving a current problem your readers may be experiencing the better chance you have at them linking to your article or bookmarking it and one of the top social bookmarking sites such as Digg.

2. OnlyWire. I use this automatic bookmark tool to post all of my content to about 30 different bookmarking and social network sites. Automatically from one piece of content you will develop at least 30 different inbound links thus increasing your website or squeeze page link popularity within the top search engines. There are other similar tools you can use such as ping.FM which actually gives you the chance at automatically submitting your content to more social bookmarking sites.

3. Blogging. I have a blog that I have scheduled content going out to my subscribers to or three times per week. I repurpose the articles I have submitted to the directories by using it for blog posts. I make sure that I have changed the content and title of the article slightly so the top search engines will not look at it as duplicate content. I also make sure that I have several links within the article using anchor text and links at the bottom of the article going to related posts and products which are on my website. What this method does is create a web of links within your own website. The top search engines will look at this and the more links that each individual page has the more they will believe it is important content which will then develop higher link popularity.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

Horse Racing – Betting to Make Money

Money management Plan simply refers to a standard investment formula that you have devised to make a profit from the horse racing industry, and betting on horses. This is one key element to making money long term, and in an industry that is not really affected by recession and other market fluctuations, horse racing provides a great way to make money if you know what you are doing and you can comfortably overcome the stigma of being a racing fan.

Many sellers of information, who are selling things like racing systems, money systems, and other methods of making money from horse racing, are not doing you any favors. They are after the sale and once that is achieved you will probably never hear from them again. That is unless they have another product to sell you.

These days we even have systems that allow us to bet on a race “that a horse will not win” and many people have made good money out of this type of bet. The reason is because it is much easier to find a losing horse within a race than it is to find a winner. Just like it is much easier to find a horse that will finish in a “place” (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) than it is to find a winner. The art of finding a winner is one part of the entire investment process, and the other vital ingredient is the money management plan.

A plan enables you to see how much money you are starting with, what type of bet you are going to be placing and following, and it also enables you to calculate how long you can sustain a run of losses. All of these things are important and need to be accommodated prior to launching into any investment program using horse racing as your vehicle. In a sense horse racing is no different to the stock market as in both instances you are gambling on the fact that one horse or company will outperform the others, but you would have heard the saying “never place all your eggs in one basket” and this is also true of the horse racing industry.

There is only ONE sure guarantee with any horse race, and that is that in every event that is actually run, “There will be a winner” (Sometimes more as in the case of a dead heat) This winner is what you want to be able to predict and this is where the selection system or method is vital. The system you use to detect the winner, needs to be simple, effective and viable, and it needs to return at least 30% winners for you to be able to make any real money ongoing. Not many systems deliver this over all courses, conditions, and race types.

What about a selection method that delivered EVERY winner?! Now that would be awesome wouldn’t it! Never again having to worry about calculating form variables, and studying the race guide, would be a blessing in itself.

For more than 20 years the author has been involved in the horse racing industry. He has spent many years writing about the industry and developing systems and strategies to make money from horse racing all over the world.

Now based back in his home country living somewhere near the seaside, he has time to devote to helping others make money from a global horse racing industry. New tools have been developed that now make it possible for everyone to WIN EVERY RACE in every country, EVERY time

Link Popularity – How to Develop Increased Traffic Through Social Bookmarking

One of the top methods used today to develop and increase website traffic and link popularity is through social bookmarking. The remaining naysayers believe that social marketing is a total waste of time and not worth the effort. After the huge growth of such sites as twitter and Facebook and they’re claiming use among big businesses people still think that social media marketing and networking is a fad.

There is no need for any Internet online marketer to develop user accounts on every single social networking site in existence, but creating profiles on the top social bookmarking sites is one of the best methods and strategies you can use for online marketing.

If you ever try to eat and keep track of the growing number of social news sites online you will not have any other time left in the day to do anything else for your business. That is why it’s only important to have profiles on say the top 30 to 50 sites. This still may sound like a large amount to some people but if you use a tool such as OnlyWire or ping.FM once you have developed all of your profiles and entered in your passwords and usernames into the interface all you have to do is click one icon on your browser toolbar in your content will be automatically submitted to between 30 and 50 different social bookmarking sites. What better way to develop link popularity through social bookmarking.

Online today is growing more evident that people only buy from those who they know, like and trust. In order for you to develop that was in your subscribers and customers you need to continually provide valuable content rich and targeted keywords and phrases which your market is using during their online searches in the top search engines such as Google. Using online tools such as the Google keyword tool you will easily be able find out what these words and phrases are what your market is using. By peppering them with you in your content that you either have on your website, blog or online articles you are submitting to online article directories you will not only developed a greater online presence but also provide valuable content which when deemed as valuable by your target niche market will lead them to possibly bookmark the page thus creating greater link popularity for your webpage or sales page and develop increased traffic.

Some strategies to use when using bookmarking sites as a method to develop link popularity are:

1. Only use a handful of popular sites to place your links on.

2. Use specific keywords and phrases within your content which will make it more attractive and valuable to your target niche market.

3. Develop blog content not only on your own personal blog but attempt to also become a guest blogger on other popular sites with a high page ranking.

4. Use plugins on your WordPress blog if that is what you are using such as the RELOADED plugin offered on for free download. By using this your content readers will be able to automatically post a bookmark on the majority of the most popular social bookmarking sites.

By using the above four strategies not only will you personally develop more back links to your website and sales pages but your viewers, readers, subscribers and customers who read your content when they believe is valuable in nature and want to share with others will be inclined to post it to those bookmarking sites they have an account on.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom With Internet Marketing

Financial freedom is the ability of a person to maintain his or her current lifestyle without working for long hours and relying on someone else for expenses. In essence, a person needs to have higher inflow of money compared to outflow for living expenses every month. Most of us have this goal of achieving monetary freedom or to retire early to enjoy the life. Achieving this does not have to be a distant dream? Any person who has the ability to generate cash on a regular basis and remain disciplined with finances can achieve monetary freedom.

One excellent way to make easy money at home is through online marketing. Making money through online marketing is so simple that anybody in their spare time can earn extra cash by focusing on just basic concepts of online marketing. The Internet is the biggest marketplace where there exist many opportunities to make money and achieve financial freedom. This article covers the most basic tips to make fast money through internet marketing.

Know Your Opportunities

Think about the different ways in which you could use the Internet to earn money. There are some effective methods of Internet marketing that can help in making money online. Some of them are SEO, blogging, advertising, article writing, creating and managing online directories, affiliate marketing, e-commerce etc.

Decide How You Are Going To Achieve Your Financial Freedom

There are many different ways on the Internet to earn money today. If you are a beginner then making money online may seem difficult. However, the key to success for online marketing is to focus on a few ideas mentioned above and not try your hand at all the possible avenues. Financial freedom can not be achieved in a day, you need to really work hard and make it happen.

Possible Risks:

There are many risks associated with the online marketing business plan. People may have higher costs as compared to income, ineffective use of SEO, lack of effective marketing plans or improper business strategy. It is very important to think about all such risks because you are going to spend a lot of time and effort on this task and so it is very important to evaluate the risks associated with it.

Make The Best Use Of Available Techniques

When you start with online marketing, the most important step is the keyword research. Once you do proper research for the keyword, you can build links, increase page rank and apply various available internet marketing techniques, including social media, email marketing and blog bookmarking. The idea is to have a proper business plan and sticking to it while always trying to improvise.

It will not be possible for an online marketer to use all the available marketing techniques. However, the best plan would be to have a proper understanding of how the online market trends change. Also do not forget to build an online business on ethical grounds so that your customers can have complete trust in your business and products or services.