Link Popularity – How to Use the Mister Wong Social Bookmarking Tool to Develop Backlinks

As an Internet marketer or business owner who is using online marketing to attract traffic to your website and sales pages, social bookmarking is one tool or method you can use to develop a greater online presence and develop link popularity through additional back links to your site.

One popular social bookmarking site is Mister Wong. Originally, this trendy site came out of Germany and spread in popularity throughout all of Europe. It has since developed an ongoing following in the United States and is quickly becoming close competition to the American-based social bookmarking sites.

Like many of the other bookmarking sites Mister Wong allows you to become a member of groups and share your personal links with other users. You can go onto other user pages and see what links they have bookmarked also. If you are a developer of online content it then becomes important to provide keyword rich valuable content to your target market audience who may end up thinking your content is so valuable they want to bookmark it to sites such as this.

Once you bookmark links on your personal page you are able to either make them public or have a private status. For an easy to use tool while surfing websites, the bookmarking site provides a plugin which can be easily downloaded for many of the top Internet browsers. Once you are on a particular website you want to create a link for on your page while you simply have to do then is click an icon on your browser toolbar.

If you are a member on the other social bookmarking sites you can easily import and export your links from the sites to your Mister Wong page. As stated above, one of the most important things as an online marketer you need to pay attention to is how many back links you have coming to your money pages. Money pages are those webpages which you are attempting to sell products and services from. Again, the more visibility you have online, the more popular you will become, which will make others want to bookmark your content in webpages using social bookmarking tools.

On a daily basis you should be trying to develop as many back links to your site as possible. By using online tools such as automatic submission plugins you can either submit your content or links to individual sites such as the one mentioned in this article or to multiple sites using online tools such as OnlyWire. The more links you have to your pages the more visible you are and the more traffic you will attract.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

The MOST Critical Component: Money Management

In my last article, I wrote about the importance of having a profit target significant enough to over come the statistical disadvantage of the bid/ask spread and commissions. The next and most important element of success in trading is the complete understanding of proper money management.

First, you must understand that a trading system generally gives some combination of buy/sell signals with target and stop loss levels or some combination thereof. Money management is a completely separate part of the system. It is not and does not have anything to do with the trading system. Money management is a SEPARATE system in itself.

For those of you new to trading; Money Management refers to the decision as to how much of your trading capital to put at risk versus your trading capital.

Gambling Systems in Trading

Many new or beginning traders attempt to improve the results of their trading by using gambling based systems of doubling up after each losing trade or any of the many variations of these systems. Without going into dramatic detail here just consider this situation (and it is not uncommon)

Account Size: $10,000 Money Management Plan: Risk 5% on initial trade and Double Up after Each Loss

Trade Risk Loss End Balance

#1 $500 -$500 $9,500

#2 $1000 -$1000 $8,500

#3 $2000 -$2000 $6,500

#4 $4000 -$4000 $2,500

#5 Not Enough

After 4 consecutive loses this trader has lost 75% of the trading capital and can not continue the system for lack of capital. You might argue that this trader will make money as long as they do not have more than 4 consecutive loses and this is true.

But study these Statistics:

Win Ratio ODDS of Losing 4 Consecutive Times

30% 1 in 5.71

40% 1 in 6.66

50% 1 in 8

60% 1 in 10

70% 1 in 13.3

If you give this some careful thought, you will easily see that over the course of a year and hundreds of trades the possibility of having four or more consecutive losing trades is nearly a certainty. My hope is by discussing this, it will discourage new traders from ever considering any of these doubling up systems. They are a certain road to eventually losing your trading account.

Simple and Effective Money Management for Small Accounts

The best and most effective method of managing a small account is to make the first and most important concern to preserve capital. It is far more important to conserve capital than it is to swing for the fences. Many new traders make the mistake to leverage their accounts with far too much risk per trade in a feeble attempt to make the ridiculous gains touted by many outlandish systems on the market today.

I personally recommend the following: First: Risk no more than 3-5% of the trading equity in each trade!

Second: Risk more only once profits are banked into the account

Third: Risk less per trade should your account lose value.

Use the following Money Management formula in your trading regardless of your trading system:

(Beginning Balance X 3 to 5%) + (Profit Gained or Lost X 10%) = Max. Risk per Trade

Max. Risk per Trade / Stop Loss Amount = Max. Shares or Contracts to Trade

Using this formula you will see that all of the objectives have been met:

1. Should your trading account drop below the beginning balance, you will quickly begin risking far less than the beginning 3 to 5% equity per trade.

2. As the account gains value, the formula allows for more risk and thus compounding gains.

3. Once gains are banked, but a losing streak begins.. This formula immediately begins to reduce risk which conserves the gains in the account.


My hope is that this brief discussion of money management will spur you to give it serious study as this is EQUALLY as important as choosing a good positive expectancy trading system. Most new traders are so busy searching for the wholly grail that they completely neglect the money management aspect of their trading and thus doom themselves to eventually losing their trading capital. This is the primary reason that most new traders fail and must leave the trading game prematurely.

The author, Ray Plummer is a long time trader and investor with over 20 years of hard knocks in the markets. Ray lives in Charlotte, NC along with his wife and two children. Ray day trades index futures contracts and position trades stocks and options. He is the developer of several private equity trading systems which are not available to the public. His only public system can be found at Collective2 a independent website which tracks the real time live performance of trading systems. A free trial to his system is available to serious traders.

Link Popularity – Step by Step Guide to Using Social Bookmarking to Attract Links & Website Traffic

Internet marketers today must continually be looking for the best techniques and methods to develop link popularity. One of the top methods to use your social bookmarking in order to attract links to your website and squeeze pages along with generating website traffic.

Since the creation of social media marketing is becoming such a big phenomenon in the marketing world, using bookmark services such as OnlyWire allow you to submit links to your content to approximately 25 to 30 of the top social networking and bookmarking sites with the click of one icon. So, by creating one piece of content in using this service you can develop up to 30 links to your website and squeeze pages which will increase your link popularity on the top search engines. The higher your links are on search results the more website traffic you will generate.

How exactly do I use bookmarking services to attract links and generate website traffic?

Follow these steps:

1. Choose which social bookmarking service you want to use and sign-up for a free account.

2. Download the toolbar icon from that site.

3. Sign up for each of the social networking and sites that are listed on the bookmarking service.

4. Add your passwords and usernames in the applicable spots on the service page.

5. Write an article or publish a blog post.

6. Click the bookmark icon on your toolbar.

7. Add your tags and page description.

8. Click submit.

As you can probably tell by the above steps the part that will take the longest is signing up for the 25 or 30 social networking and bookmark services. But you only have to do this one time then enter your information on to the main site you will be using to post your content.

In the world of social media marketing, you have to think in terms of working smarter not harder. Using the above step by step guide to easily posting your content social sites you will multiply your efforts by a minimum of 25 times through one simple action. The more content you post, the more links you will have which will increase your link popularity with the top search engines such as Google. The more inbound links you have coming to your website and squeeze page the higher page ranking you will receive and will be more apt to be found by your target niche audience.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

Forex Trading Systems Money Maker – The Easy Way

Forex is the world’s largest financial market with an estimated daily average turnover between $1.5 trillion to $2.5 trillion that we cannot doubt. If we want to make profit from this investment, there are some related knowledges that we definitely need to know. Forex trading training doesn’t have to be the daunting, intimidating task that it seems to be. Most of us haven’t even heard of forex, so what is it? Forex trading is like driving. You will hurt yourself and the others if you start driving before you learn it properly.

Foreign exchange is the purchase or sale of a currency against sale or purchase of another. The FOREX market is the global interbank market where all currencies are traded. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets and traders’ investments increase or decrease in value based upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events.

Forex is the most lucrative home based business at the moment. It is a business where you can earn an income without selling anything, without pitching a sale to people and without running around after clients. Forex trading opportunities are a reality for more and more people everyday — people just like you and me. Forex trading skills and the trading system! If you want to work less than 20 hours a day at home, if you want to make millions by trading freely at home, if you want to have financial freedom by trading Forex; you better LEARN Forex trading before you start trading Forex.

Forex is a serious business and it is vitally important that you are properly educated and informed before committing your hard-earned money to the markets.

Traders are able to trade at any convenient time, no matter where their location. Furthermore, forex traders can always react quickly to any market altering news.

The Forex course that you are pursuing, you should assure that it covers the basics and technical evaluation part. The Forex dealers are always in a stress and it is very important how to handle the stressful conditions. The forex trading system you will learn is simple to understand and easy to apply and you can see if you have what it takes risk FREE. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The Forex trading software, Forex AutoPilot, completely automates the FX trading process relieving traders from the constant process of monitoring the foreign exchange market. For a more in depth analysis and report of the software limitations and functionality please follow the link to my site at the end of this article.

The Forex Robot is unaffected by a person’s mental, physical and emotional condition, thus the trading process is speedier and more diversified. This system causes minimal problems which can be easily remedied by testing Forex systems.

Choose aspects of the different systems that are out there that fit your trading style best, and then build your Forex system. Choose Forex trading software to trade very easily online. Learn about Forex currency trading system methods, tips and strategies.

Social Bookmarking And The Small Business

A lot folks may ask, what exactly is social bookmarking? For starters, it’s part of a relatively new phase, or category of web sites, that are basically community-based, and wherein people can have their own page or section where they could store and classify their favorite links, which are tagged with relevant and useful keywords. They too are commonly called Web 2.0 sites. Thus because of this, their pages or sections can be shared among as many people as can find them.

Perhaps the most familiar and newest approach to re-finding or retracing information on the web has been through the use of personal bookmarks, supported by various Web browsers. Take for example, the Mozilla browser supports the creation of collections of URLs, which can be interpreted using keywords or free-form text, and then sorted on a variety of aspects, such as time last visited, keyword or location.

Social bookmarking lists can be made easily available to the public, or limited only to a specific network of sites. The list of links can be viewed in several ways; by tag, by category, or simply in a random order. They can also even be placed in a privacy setting created on usually individual bookmarks. The desire to locate and share information among small groups, teams, and communities has led to the development of a number of shared bookmarking programs.

Web users who visit social bookmarking services can search for any bookmarks that have been assigned with an association, and with a particular tag. The bookmark resources or sites are often ranked according to the number of visitors, who in turn have also bookmarked them. A couple of the more popular social bookmarking communities are to be found at sites like,,,, started with very few members at first, and then changed ownerships for millions of dollars once their social and financial importance had been recognized and deemed popular.

The emergence of social bookmarking systems

The recent phenomena shared bookmarking applications has prompted a second look at this kind of collaborative, or shared software. The social bookmark manager, started in 2003, was one of the first of its type and has enjoyed an early and large following of committed, regular users. These social bookmarking systems share a number of distinct features.

First, they allow persons to create personal collections of bookmarks and readily share their bookmarks with others. These centrally stored data can be accessed from any Web-connected machine. A second and equally important add-on to these bookmarking systems is the use of keywords, or tags, that are specifically entered by the user for each bookmark. The tags allow the individual user to organize and display the collection with meaningful labels.

Along with the tons of stuff available on the Internet, social bookmarking is also prone to abuse. Since a web page has a greater chance of being found the more times it has been tagged and bookmarked, spammers often seize the opportunity to make multiple bookmarks of a single web page using a lot popular tags. This has the effect of making it look that the page is a popular one. This, in turn forces the developers of social bookmarking sites to counter spammers by implementing stricter security measures.